Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thoughts from bed...

What does it mean to be in love? Is it the constant mind wandering or the hair twirling daydreams of the one you obsess about? Is it necessary for those feelings to be returned with spoken word or is it ok to have an lustful moments guide you along?

I feel like i'm in love. No grand gesture or promise was made, just the desire lying inside of me to be with that person every moment awake or not.

Desire oh so much desire. Desire to touch to smell to breath in the same air as one another. Desire to feel kisses, caresses and bodies entwined with one another possibly constantly.

I want to write poems about him and stories of erotic desires yet my mind can't seem to focus yet. I'm running on pockets of time, skipping like a stone from place to place, idea over another idea.

Awake when I should be asleep.

Wanting and wanting for even just a hint of him. That hint being a security blanket of assurance.

Yet is there assurance in love?

Is love always meant to be a mystery?

Are we always supposed to be wanting more and more?

What about trust? When does it become a given rather than a constant tickle in our mind?

Why is it with just a word i.m transformed? How is it he makes me feel more beautiful and sexier than ever before?

If I could reach out now... I would grab him and steal him under the covers and keep him here forever and ever. Together wrapped up in love.

dreamery... or reality? or both??

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Girl on the Run... said...

please excuse the typos...i wrote this using my phone...from bed. will fix asap! :)