Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking for my angels.

The work week is finally over and all I can say is, thank God! We worked a full 5 days this week and you would have thought I was digging ditches with how tired I am. Since the economy is where it's at, we've taken a 20% reduction in our salary. The 20% equally one day off a week. However as business picks up here and there it's more like 10% because we're working 5 days every other week. These full weeks are exhausting though. You get used to have that day off and when it's gone, I'm like a kindergartner taking naps and falling asleep on the couch! *lol*

The weather isn't helping either, it's been a week of grey and gloomy and rain rain rain! When you wake up in the morning you don't know if it's night or day it's so dark. It's where you want to stay in bed and wrap the blanket around you and just snuggle and cuddle the day away. Not that I'm doing any cuddling or snuggling these days but I'm sure there is something coming soon.

You know, being in the moment is hard work. Trying not to be brought down by stress, depression and others around me all hard work. I've made a decision to stay positive and really work on being happy. I say work because I have to remind myself how easy it is to get pulled back into the abyss of sadness and feeling sorry for myself.

I'm grateful for:

  • my job, because even though we've just been hit with new guidelines and numbers we have to achieve and they want us to work more and still pay us less at least I know I have a job when so many others have lost theirs.

  • my home, where I can take all those needed naps and fall asleep in my bed with fresh sheets and my pillows!

  • my friends, with all that's been going on, with my family and being so stressed it's so nice to be able to pick up a phone and just let it all out.

  • my friend Cee because she sends a text message to me every single day, reminding me I'm loved and how I'm a great person who deserves good things in my life. they are amazing messages of love and even though at times.. i think they are corny... they are so appreciated and much needed.

  • being able to express myself, whether it's here in the blog, or my paper journal or through what I call art!

  • Joel Osteen for his empowering messages of faith and strength.

My post is titled "Looking for my angels", because in a reminder to myself, I am not alone. When things are troubling me when that silly voice wants me thinking I'm alone... I'm not. There are people all around me. Good people. People who care about me. People who I care about. I am surrounded by angels.

Do you believe in angels? If you do, I would love to hear about it!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It's good that you are determined to stay positive, M. Don't let others bring you down and remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said - something like they can't do that without your consent. I believe in angels - in the form of friends!

Girl on the Run... said...

I am ... It's been a battle but I'm feeling empowered these days. So I have to run with what I have. That's a great quote, I'll post it in my paper journal as a reminder! So often are things so easily forgotten!

Thanks again... and PS, Some of the very best angels are friends those that are close and those that are abroad!

Cheers again and again!

K said...

YOu know it's funny, I've been following your blog for awhile now and have really been enjoying it. 2 weeks ago however my world started to fall apart and I have pretty much let my reading slide. Funny how today of all days when I was feeling so alone I would come back and read this post about angels, I have some amazing people in my life and sometimes I just need a reminder that they are my angels. And thanks for joining there ranks by the way, you have made a really hard day a little easier.

Here's to living, loving and laughing

Girl on the Run... said...


Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment. I am really touched and grateful I can be a friend in a time of need. Life is hard. I know.

Let's hope we all have easier days filled with love, living and lots and lots of laughter.

(((hugs)) M

Anonymous said...

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