Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doing something brave one step at a time...

In a dreamy fantasy land confrontation would never exsist. I really don't do well with confrontation. I usually hang back and just disappear from the situation or person. Today I am setting the record straight.

I summed up the courage to tell a boy why I couldn't date him. Sounds like nothing... but to me... it's something I normally would never do. Normally I shut the phone and avoid avoid avoid... This time I stated clearly with out any white lies and with out being hurtful why I couldn't date this person. It took many many drafts, every time I went to write something, little white lies just kept popping up from no where. I swear it wasn't anything intentional the white lies just kept forcing themselves out of me.

I scratched all of it out, started over and told the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I am proud of myself for doing so.

This started the ball rolling and now I have a bunch of truths in the works. If you see me walking around with a black eye or two... *(oh lord I hope not)* just know I was being brave! Plus it was all worth it!

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