Monday, October 5, 2009

Something We All Need Noa and Then

There comes a time in everyone's life where we need a little "ME" time. That selfish sliver, or day, of time where we need it to be all about "ME". I am in major need of one of those days.I am fairly certain that I have never had a day just for me in my entire life. Sure, I have done things I wanted to do. I have seen things I wanted to see.

But, I am not talking about that kind of day. I am talking about a "ME" day where I do what I wish, as I wish and when I wish because it is what I want and it is pleasing to me.
I am talking about a day...of pampering
....where for once I don't have to worry about what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner because someone has taken care of it for me
....where I don't have to think about what has to be done, it just gets done
....where I don't have to clean because the house is already cleaned, just like magic!
...where I am given a massage.

I have never had a professional massage and I think it might be time for me to get one.What I want, what everyone needs now and then, is a day where someone not only asks me, "What do you want?" But, they do so because they truly want to know. That's something that seems to rarely happen.

I am talking about a day.
..where I am listened too.
...where you {whomever you are} really wants to know about me.
...where you want to know how things are with me and for me.
Not for your own selfish reasons.
...where someone else makes the morning coffee and delivers it to me while I am in bed just waking up.
...where someone {whomever that person may be) says hello because they like you or love you. Not because there is an ulterior motive. I am really so sick of all the ulterior motives there are in the world.
...where someone calls just to hear your voice.
...of manicures and pedicures and seaweed wraps.
...where all the boob tubes in the world cease to exist....where everyone sings your praises.

I want a "Channel 13" day. When I was younger that's what Mom and I would call days spent at the museum or listening to opera or any classical music for that matter. It would be a day spent at Wave Hill. I think you are getting the picture. It would be a day of enlightenment and pleasure. Maybe some chocolate too.I am talking about a day.
..where you're paid compliments that aren't sarcastic snickers....where you're given a gift "just because"..
..where YOU are special.
...where the weather is perfect.
...where answers to your questions are provided.
...a day where you are not gossiped about.
...where you don't have to do anything and everything for yourself because there is someone there to take care of you.

OK, I know, I am stretching things a bit far here. But run with me, will you. At times we all need a day when our heart feels only love and joy. We are wrapped up in euphoria like a cashmere blanket on a chilly night.As I am writing this just now, I am thinking this might be "me" missing my Mom and Dad. Yet not quite. I do miss them, of course. I do know that. My Mom had an uncanny way of just knowing what I needed. She knew in an instant what mood I was in at the moment I walked through the door or answered the phone. She listened with her heart and provided real, tangible love.I need people in my life that aren't selfish. Better yet, people who aren't blood suckers, sucking the life force right out of you. I need a real friend. A real member of the family.Do you ever wonder why there is so much hypocrisy in the world? I wonder all the time.It's funny how people listen half heartedly to conversations all day long. Could it be that you might actually be missing something? Don't you think you should respect that person and just listen. Maybe there in need of something; a need for a friend; a need for love.Sure, I know, you can't go around listening to everyone. There are quite a few "crazies" out there. But we all need human decency, respect and love.I need a "ME" day. What might you need?

Really, what do you need? I am listening. Really listening. As you read this page, think about what you need. Tell me.


Lucia said...

I would like a day where when I'm going to see the sunrise there is someone there with me, holding me in a lover's embrace and watching with me as the sun makes it's way into the sky!

Lindsey said...

I think you're right and have inspired me to have a "me day." We forget about ourselves all to often, time to make up for it. :o)