Monday, September 7, 2009


What is it about love that one minute you're up in the sky like a space ship and the next you're crashing to the ground like a meteor.

Talk about riding a roller coaster or hanging ten on the gnarliest of waves.

I'm trying to fall in love here. I'm trying to be swept away but there really isn't a magical formula is there?

It's not about being the beauty queen or the playboy playmate they get there hearts broken too. It all about playing the game. The game which we all say we hate. The game that forces you to have nerves of steel and above all.. never letting them see you. Sure we can allow them glimpses from time to time, we have too.

However it's the chase. The undeniable tease. A slow tango which you can reckon to a torturous death at times and scoring the idea weight on our bathroom scales. That magical number that can make us giddy as a school girl or bathed in the euphoria of the ultimate orgasm.

How does one play? Please someone anyone hand me the instructional booklet!

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I take chances when I feel it's worth it and I fall in love with just a twinkle of an eye. Ok not just a twinkle, some hot muscular strong arms, a smile that makes you want to drop your panties and a brain that's as quick as formula one race car if not faster.

Men.. there are different species. The men I fall for anyway. The the typical bad boy, there the confidant and strong, the pure sex and there as emotional as a lima bean! There the one's who love sports and live for a game. They play poker and smoke cigars. There tall and the command attention. There mysterious and they have cruel intentions when it comes to love.

What's a girl to do?

I know I know.. go for the nice guy! Ha! I've tried and it's just not the same. There isn't the wanderlust there's no sparkle there's no passion. It's as regular as a toll clerk handing out change for a twenty. Basically it's not for me!

So do I suffer along? Do I live the life of a nun forever?

No! I refuse to give up!

Walk with me....
I met this man. Oh his eyes alone girls.. can drop a woman's panties in a heart beat. He knows what he's doing too from what I can tell. He even can dance. He's sure of himself, he's affectionate but he doesn't know how to call back. He has no follow through but boy oh boy does he expect me to call him and keep calling! I'm not that girl. I don't call men. I sit back and wait for the men to call me than I get bored and move on to the next. This one.. he never calls. He tells me to call. Than he'll make a promise to call me back and he doesn't and when I call him on it.. he asks if this is the 5th grade? Why oh why do I fall for men like this?

Did I mention he's tall? Lone legs and strong arms. He even has a favorite book.. yes he reads! He loves documentaries and sports! He quotes from autobiographies and he loves klondike bars! He loves to cuddle and ... he's never been married and he doesn't have kids. So apparently I'm not the only woman who's had trouble catching this fish but I will be the one!


Canary said...

:) You sure will be the one, all the best! :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Go for the nice guy, M!