Monday, June 22, 2009

What a day! What a day!

What a day! I'm grateful for it all... even almost slipping and falling in the mud. It started bright and early for me, racing for the bus at 6am holding my skirt while I ran so it wouldn't fall down, there I am approaching the bus waiting for me, and I slide in like I've hit a home run, or I am scoring a goal. Thankfully I didn't hit the ground!

On my way to work I listened to my "Free to Worship" cd on my ipod. Free to Worship is a collection a christian songs that give thanks and offer shelter when you need it and just make you smile. All the while trying to focus on what I learned from Pastor Joel Osteen the day before.

I got a pass at work today. I was able to spend the day in a different department where I basically get to giggle the day away. Not a bad way to get paid I tell you! I was happy. I was blessed.

My health isn't where it should be right now. I have a disorder that causes you to be run down and just feeling blech. There's more to it but that's the gist. I'm trying some medicines to help and I'm saying my prayers. I know this will be my year of jubilee. I know that my health is being restored and my dreams are coming into fruition. I know God wants the best for me and that he will take me places I've never been.

Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for keeping me mindful today I've what you taught me yesterday and all the days before. It is so very very appreciated. Through your teachings, I am expecting God to show up and his favors to profusely abound. I love that, profusely abound my year of freedom, restoration, abundance, health, joy, peace, anointing of ease, total victory, breakthrough, jubilee, release, increase, celebration! I receive it by faith! Amen and Amen...

What a way to keep positive, to have it stirring your soul. It amazes me how I feel that positivity tingling my toes working up my legs through my body and warming my heart. I feel it ...I feel it ...I feel it! I only need to have it permeate my brain like cement! This is my time to press forward. I am going to think positive. I am positive. I am going to love abundantly. I am going to forgive immensely. I am going to be.

With love and blessings profusely,



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm glad you're still positive, M, despite the health problems. Take care and hugs from Simi and me . xx woof!

Girl on the Run... said...

Hugs to you both!!!