Monday, May 25, 2009

What makes you happy?

In life many things can make you happy, the importance lies in knowing what those things are! Happiness comes in all shapes an sizes, as small as a drop of rain as large as a rainbow in the sky. Everyone should have their lists, either written down or in a file cabinet in our mind easy to glance at and never fully finished or put away.

My working list of happiness!

  • being kissed by the sun
  • a kiss
  • an embrace
  • a good hike
  • a great song to dance too
  • feel good music
  • affirmations
  • a good book
  • a joke anything that can make me laugh
  • a trip to the museum or an art gallery
  • a good movie
  • sex
  • spooning
  • a good workout at the gym
  • a clean home
  • fresh sheets
  • new shoes
  • a new pocketbook
  • the smile on my nieces faces
  • children laughing
  • my camera and the opportunity to take photos
  • a trip to nowhere in particular
  • learning something new
  • prayer
  • perfume
  • a night of room service
  • ice cream
  • raspberries
  • new stationary
  • my journal
  • new pens, crayons, markers
  • cutting paper and pasting it into something pretty
  • helping others
  • my kittens
  • my friends
  • the perfect cup of ice coffee
  • dancing
  • horses
  • farms
  • trips to the country
  • fresh air
  • a good meal

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