Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have one life and we have to live that life!

What are you doing to live your life? What fun are you having? What vacations are you taking? What drives to nowhere in particular? What adventures?

My favorite quote is from Ghandi: "We have to be the change we want to see in the world!"

I want a life full of laughter of encouragement or adventure! It's so important we laugh every day and not let the small things in life tear us down. We need to just let it go and let God deal with it. I firmly believe that God wants great things for all of us! God wants us to live a life of abundance and gratitude! Yes I know to some that sounds corny but we're all here because something greater than us put us here and I believe in God. I believe in something greater than myself working miracles in my life day in and out! Sure it's hard to see those miracles everyday. Yest there is something to be grateful everyday if we are willing to look.

I've spent too many days sad and lonely and depressed giving in to the negativity because it's what was surrounding me and it was easier. I say easier because looking for the positivity in life can be difficult. Focusing on the good and letting go of the negative is hard work. It's easy to allow the boss to get us down, the traffic to overcome us, the lack of sunshine to keep us blue. it's easier to run with the heard than to stand out alone and say, I am happy simply just to be alive. Sure I want more than just to be alive, I want to live a life full of abundance and prosperity, health, gratitude, with sunshine days, and vacation and love and happiness and laughter, with good friends and family, good food, chocolate and ice cream too!I want it all and I want it all for everyone else too.
So today... I'll make a traditional Italian dinner with pasta and homemade sauce because you have to feed the body well in order to be well. I'll chat with good friends because like chicken soup it's good for the soul. I'll spend time with God in prayer the best medicine. I will journal myself into happiness. Grateful I am alive. Grateful for my family and friends and my precious Kitty's who bring so much joy into my life. I'll plan for my vacation to DC. I'll dream of what makes me happy. Manifesting more Joy, Love, Health and Prosperity in my Life and I'll just Be.
I do hope we all do something good for ourselves today and remember no matter how bad a situation looks or is... there... is always something to smile about and be happy.

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